Through persistent online marketing, Kerosene Cucumbers actively reaches out to the next generation of TAGS fans. Also, faithful viewers of the show come to the site often to read, listen to some music by the Darlings or watch a full episode of the show.

Whether you are an independent business, ministry outreach, TAGS retailer, entertainer, etc., Kerosene Cucumbers is an enticing advertising option because of the affordable rates and the untapped niche market of the younger generation of TAGS fans.

Your ad will be seen on all of the site’s pages in the highly-visible, right-hand sidebar. If you need an ad designed, we can arrange for that too.

Send a message to us using the space below; your message will not be seen by other site visitors. Include your name, email address, and information about your business – you’ll hear back promptly.

Good luck to you and yers!


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